"Of Rainbows And Other Monuments" with Clemens Ascher - CGI

cgi  .  Clemens_Ascher_Of-Rainbows-And-Other-Monuments_Blue

Clemens Ascher dreamt up “this surrealistic and graphic world featuring mysterious monuments, the legendary Ferrari Rainbow and its furious drivers” – a minimalistic and metaphysical series in three subtly muted primary colours.
Through CGI we set out to bring it into a uniquely imagined world.

Client: Clemens Ascher
Photographer: Clemens Ascher
Post-Artist: Aljaz Bezjak
Post-Artist: Pepe Alram
CGI-Artist: Anna Toropova
Styling: Alice Whiting
Model: Jacopo Ugolini
MakeUp Artist: Amy Conley
Hair Stylist: Brooke Neilson and Cari McAtear

cgi  .  Clemens_Ascher_Of-Rainbows-And-Other-Monuments_Red

cgi  .  Clemens_Ascher_Of-Rainbows-And-Other-Monuments_Yellow

cgi  .  Clemens_Ascher_Of-Rainbows-And-Other-Monuments

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