FULL-CGI - Shortfilm "Low Earth Orbit"

Film  .  FULL-CGI "Low Earth Orbit" Shortfilm

Like so many complex productions, this was a simple idea – to make a short film in FULL-CGI as a showcase. To push some boundaries and possibilities in our work. And also to have some fun at the same time!
Inspiration:Of course we wanted to work with a car….but in a modern visual language evolving around the dynamism developing in electric cars. Images of power and light, of a clean and positive future, more attuned to the environment without losing any of its visceral impact as an object of desire.What contemporary pioneers would inspire us, visually and conceptually?A character to be the centre of gravity for our story.We settled on a man with a dream to be the first Black man on the Moon.

To the moon and back.

A Recom Farmhouse Production
Written and directed by Tanguy Koutouan
Co-Director: Christoph Bolten
Executive Producer: Christoph Bolten
Sound Design: Gavin Little | Echolab
Music: Ólafur Arnalds
Colour Grading: Dan Carney
Lead CG Artist: Tanguy Koutouan
CG Artists: Carlos Pecino, Anna Toropova, Luca Veronese, Joe Carney
Lead Compositor: Felix Baesch
Additional Compositor: Stéphane Lugiery
Title Design: Martha Tullberg
Title Animation: Aljaž Bezjak
Original Screenplay: Santi Minasi
Storyboard: Tanguy Koutouan
Editor: Tanguy Koutouan

Green Screen Shoot at Hackney Studios
Directed by Christoph Bolten
Art Director: Tanguy Koutouan
Director of Photography:  Jorge Diéguez
Gaffer: David Nye

1st AC: Julian Lalinde
Production:  Martha Tsvyatkov
Set Design: Jason Synnott
Model: Damien Le-Hoste | Base Models
On-Set VFX Supervisor: Gareth Repton
Styling: @vakundok & Alessandra Kila
Special Thanks to: Geoffroy Givry, Cameron Smither, Alessandra Kila, Martha Tsvyatkov, Sven Hasenjäger at 380 Grad, Sarah Giles at Universal Music, Felix Kalf-Hansen at Kobalt Music.

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Film  .  FULL-CGI "Low Earth Orbit" Shortfilm - Making Of

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