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cgi  .  recomCGI_desert_black_04

13 CGI images with 3 current Porsche Panamera models were created for a webspecial and a coffee table book on trips to Girona / Spain and California's coast and desert.

Client: Porsche
Agency: UDG
Photographer: Uli Heckmann
Creative Director: Martin Spies
CGI-Director: Thorsten Jasper Weese
Post-Artist: Kate Brown
Post-Artist: Pepe Alram
Post-Artist: Thomas Fritz
Post-Artist: Thorsten Jasper Weese
CGI-Artist: recomCGI - Team

cgi  .  recomCGI_desert_gold_05

cgi  .  recomCGI_desert_gold_07

cgi  .  recomCGI_desert_gold_09

cgi  .  recomCGI_desert_gold_03

cgi  .  recomCGI_road_01

cgi  .  recomCGI_road_03

cgi  .  recomCGI_road_02

cgi  .  recomCGI_road_04

cgi  .  recomCGI_spain_01

cgi  .  recomCGI_spain_02

cgi  .  recomCGI_spain_03

cgi  .  recomCGI_spain_04

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