cgi  .  AMG Calendar 2024 "Inspired by the world's fastest family"

12 Full-CGI Visuals in 10k+ for the current AMG Calendar 2024.  Realized in UNREAL.

Skyryse - Bernstein - 2024

Creative Retouch for Skyryse photographed by Alex Bernstein

cgi  .  HYUNDAI - Trained in Las Vegas - 2024

CGI and Creative Retouch for JvM Spree's and Jules Esick's Hyundai "Welcome to Las Vegas" Campaign.

cgi  .  BMW - iX2 - Campaign with virtual Influencer "Lil Miquela"

 CGI and Creative Retouch for Chris Notelkuhlmann's BMW iX2 Campaign with the virtuell influencer "Lil Miquela".

Ralph Mecke - Madame Figaro - Sandra Hüller

Creative Retouch for Ralph Mecke's Madame Figaro Magazin Editorial.

Lexus TX - Clemens Ascher

Creative retouch for Lexus

Organogenesis "Building Blocks of Life" - Andrei Duman

Creative retouch for Organogenesis "Building Blocks of Life" 

"Porsche 928 / Night" by Dejan and Per


Thomas Brown - GQ Magazine - "25 coolest watches of 2023"

Creative retouch for the GQ Magazine in collaboration with photographer Thomas Brown

cgi  .  AXOR x Ushi Tamboriello - "Gretel und Hänsel" - FULL CGI


Ralph Mecke - Best Fashion - Malick Bauer - 02_23

Creative Retouch for Ralph Mecke's "Malick Bauer" Bestfashion Magazin Editorial.

Renault - Range Shooting - Michael Hanisch

Creative retouch for Renault photographed by Michael Hanisch

cgi  .  RENAULT - Espace

He&Me's RENAULT Espace Campaign Visuals.

"Porsche 928 / DAY" by Dejan and Per

Creative Retouch for Dejan & Per's "Porsche 928" folio series.

cgi  .  Jan Kath - INSERT COIN - Carpets Collection

Almost FULL-CGI Visuals for Jan Kath's new 'INSERT COIN' Carpet Collection

cgi  .  Hyundai - The all new Elantra - David Daub

Creative retouch for Hyundai's new campaign 'The all new Elantra' with CG vehicles in collaboration with photographer David Daub

cgi  .  Nick Meek - My Beautiful Laundrette

Photographer Nick Meek asked Recom Farmhouse London to collaborate on “My Beautiful Laundrette”, creating huge and beautiful CG bubb ...

Acura Rocket - Chris Noltekuhlmann

 Postproduction for Acura Rocket...

Georgio Armani by Ralph Mecke

Creative retouch for magazine of "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung". Giorgio Armani photographed by Ralph Mecke.

Occhio - Bohman Sjöstrand

Creative Retouch for Occhio, photographed by Bohman Sjöstrand.

Renault Turbo 3E - Tomek Makolski

Creative Retouch for Renault in collaboration with Tomek Makolski

Alpine A290 - Tomek Makolski

Creative Retouch for Alpine in collaboration with Tomek Makolski

Genesis - BLINKK c/o Emeis Deubel

 Creative Retouch for Genesis in collaboration Leila & Damien DE BLINKK and Emeis Deubel

cgi  .  Thomas Brown / KYZA / RECOM - ‘Au_XLR8R - Full-CGI


U.F.O. - Unidentified Female Object

Experimental Series in a ceative collaboration with Monica Menez.

cgi  .  BMW - X7 - Campaign

At the end of 2021, RECOM started the production for BMW's new X7 together with Kai-Uwe Gundlach.

Hornbach - Lass die Natur mal machen

Creative Retouch for the "Lass die Natur mal machen" campaign from Hornbach

cgi  .  BMW - 7er - Campaign

At the end of 2021, RECOM started the production for BMW's new 7er together with Kai-Uwe Gundlach.

French Magazine - 42 - Editorial "There She Goes Again"

Creative Retouch for Ralph Mecke's French Magazine Editorial.

VW ID.BUZZ - Family Shots

Creaitve Retouch for Chris Noltekuhlmann's VW ID.BUZZ Family Shots

cgi  .  Thomas Brown - Wallpaper Design Awards 2023

The images created together with Thomas Brown for the Wallpaper Design Awards 2023, were created from studio shots combined with built-i ...

Goldwell - Ralph Mecke

Creative Retouch for Goldwell in collaboration with Ralph Mecke and Schiercke

O2 - The Visible Net

Creative Retouch for  Kai-Uwe Gundlach's "Visible Net" campaign for O2

Renault - Zoe

Creative Retouch for He&Me's new Renault Zoe campaign

Peugeot - Inception - Concept

Creative Retouch for the Peugeot Inception in cooperation with Chris Noltekuhlmann as photographer

Mytheresa - Givenchy

Creative Retouch for Heji Shin's Mytheresa "Givenchy" series

cgi  .  HYUNDAI - Brand Campaign 2022

First Lifestyle Visuals from Dave Hill's Hyudnai Brand Campaign production.

Ralph Mecke - "Gerhard Richter" Portraits

Ralph Mecke's Portraits of the german Painter, Sculptor and Photographer "Gerhard Richter".

French Magazine - 41 - Editorial "Two Bridges"

Creative Retouch for Ralph Mecke's French Magazine Editorial.



New York Times - Article - "The Clean Up Job"

Color Grading for Catherine Hyland's New York Times Article "The Clean Up Job".

Mercedes-Benz - G-Class

Creative Retouch for Cédric Viollet's G-Class Visuals

AXOR - Edge

Creative Retouch on AXOR Edge campaign visuals.

cgi  .  Tim Adorf - 'Sub Jorden - 2022


cgi  .  Monica Menez - Blue

CGI + Creative Retouch for and with Monica Menez's "Blue" Beauties.

cgi  .  Mercedes-AMG - Campaign visuals

AMG-Kampagnen-Visuals via CGI and Creative Retouch for Alex Rank.

FORD "Puma" - Campaign

Creative Retouch for Matthew Jones' FORD "Puma" Campaign Visuals.

Bestfashion - Torben Liebrecht - Editorial - 01-22

Creative Retouch for Ralph Mecke's "Torben Liebrecht" Bestfashion Magazine Editorial.

VW Hybrid Campaign

Creative Retouch for Blinkk's VW Hybrid campaign visuals.

Thomas Brown's "Protosynthesis" Series

Creative Retouch for Thomas Brown's Protosynthesis Series.

AGNONA - Zine 3

Creative Retouch for Ralph Mecke's AGNONA Zine 3.

cgi  .  Hookie - TARDIGRADE


STERNMODE - Magazine - Title + Editorial 09-2021

Creative Retouch for Ralph Mecke's STERNMODE Title + Fashion Editorial.

KIA - EV6 - Campaign

Creative Retouch for Blinkk's KIA EV6 Campaign.

French Magazine - Editorial - 09-2021

Creative Retouch for Ralph Mecke's French Magazine Title + Editorial.

RENAULT - Megane Vision - Concept-Car Campaign

Creative Retouch for CG Watkins' RENAULT "Megane Vision" Concept-Car Visuals.


Creative Retouch for Sebastien Staub's Renault Campaign.

cgi  .  SEAT - Ibiza + Arona - FULL-CGI - Stills + Cinemagraph

FULL-CGI Stills + Cinemagraphs for the SEAT Ibiza + Arona Campaign.

Hyundai - IONIQ5 - Campaign

Creative Retouch for the Campaign Visuals of the full electric Hyundai IONIQ5 release.

Best Fashion - Editorial "Der Prinz" - 09-2021

Creative Retouch for Ralph Mecke's Fashion Editorial "Der Prinz".

film  .  recomFILM - On the track with the Porsche 911 GT3​

Full-Service-Production by RECOM FILM for the new Porsche 911 GT3. Real Shooting + CG shots + FULL-CGI shots

cgi  .  JURI_ - Project

FULL-CGI Project in Collaboration with Torsten Klinkow, SeverinWendeler, RECOM GROUP

cgi  .  BMBF - Campaign-Visuals

Four FULL-CGI - Campaign Visuals for Kompaktmedien's client "BMBF".

cgi  .  Mercedes-Benz - Lifecycle Campaign - FULL-CGI

FULL-CGI Visuals a for Alessandra Kila's and antoni's MB Lifecycle Campaign Stills and loopable Animations.

cgi  .  Mercedes-Benz - EQS - Campaign

Campaign Visuals for the world premiere of the full elecdric Mercedes-Benz EQS.

FORD - Mach-E - Campaign

Creative Retouch incl. "on location" Post Support from us for Tom Craig's FORD Mach-E Campaing Visuals.

cgi  .  #howbigisyourbubble - CGI Series

CGI series in cooperation with BAM, Kai-Tietz and OOOZ.

SCHÖN Magazine - Issue 40 - Hyperballad

Fashion Editorial for tje 40th jubilee issue of the SCHÖN Magazine.

film  .  recomFILM - PORSCHE GT3

FULL-Service-Production by RECOM FILM for the new PORSCHE 911 GT3 Film with Real Shooting + CG shots (car, environment, VFX).

French Magazine 38 - Editorial

Creative Retouch for Ralph Mecke's "French Magazine" Fashion-Editorial.

cgi  .  PORSCHE Formula E - Keyvisual - FULL-CGI


cgi  .  BMW - iX - Visuals

Together with Clemens Ascher we developed CGI Visuals with the brandnew full electric BMW iX.

Ralph Mecke - VOGUE Spain - Still Life

Creative Retouch for Ralph Mecke's Still Life for the VOGUE Spain.

cgi  .  HAWLIN - POLESTAR - Portfolio

Portflio Serie "Polestar" with HAWLIN.

LINCOLN Continental Coach - Campaign

Creative Retouch for the LINCOLN Continental Coach campaign. Photographed by Matthew Jones.

AGNONA - A Story That Grew Out Of Love Of Nature


cgi  .  LINCOLN - Monochromatic - FULL-CGI

FULL-CGI Visuals "Monochromatic" for LINCOLN.

cgi  .  Ralph Mecke - Best Fashion "ZÄSUR" - Editorial

In mid of the first Corona Lockdown together with Ralph Mecke we produced 3D Artworks for the Best Fashion Editorial "ZÄSUR" in the "em ...

Mercedes-Benz EQV Campaign

Creative Retouch for BAM's and Preuss und Preuss' Mercedes-Benz EQV Campaign.

Ralph Mecke - VOGUE Germany - A Lady and her Car - Editoirial - 01-2021

Creative Retouch for Ralph Mecke's "A Lady and her Car" Fashion Editorial in the current German VOGUE issue.

HYUNDAI - IONIQ - Campaign

Creative Retouch for Damien de Blinkk's and JvM Neckar's IONIQ Campaign.

film  .  FULL-CGI - Shortfilm "Low Earth Orbit"

Like so many complex productions, this was a simple idea – to make a short film in FULL-CGI as a showcase. To push some boundaries an ...

Ralph Mecke - ACHTUNG Mode - Beauty Editorial

Creative Retouch for Ralph Mecke's Beauty-Editorial at ACHTUNG Mode Magazine.

cgi  .  2021 Audi A5 Sportback - Microcampaign

CGI-Visuals for the "2021 AUDI A5 Sportback" AUDI of America Microsite - campaign.

Ralph Mecke - FAZ Magazine - Editorial "Sébastien Jondeau" - 10-2020

SÉB - He was Karl Lagerfeld very close in Karl's last years. Now, Sébastien Jondeau starts a new life and tries fashion and news roles ...

cgi  .  FULL-CGI - One Shots


KAERCHER - Campaign

Creative retouch for antoni boost's current KAERCHER campaign.

HAKRO - Campaign

Axl Jansen photographed the HAKRO fashion campaign in Berlin. Creative Retouch from us.

cgi  .  PEUGEOT - 2008 - Campaign

CGI visuals with the new PEUGEOT 2008. Photographed by Patrick Curtet.

CARITAS - Switzerland - Campaign

Christian Schmidt's campaign visuals for CARITAS Switzerland with Creative Retouch from us.

cgi  .  BMW - Formula E - Campaign

Campaign visuals for BMW Formula E. All cars and graphical elements realized via CGI. (Photo: Robert Grischek)

Neon Woods by Andreas Hempel - Portfolio Series


Ralph Mecke - STERN Mode - Title + Editorial 09-2020

STERN-Mode Magazin Titel + Editorial photographed by Ralph Mecke. Creative Retouch from us.

cgi  .  2020 Audi RS6 Avant - Microcampaign

For AUDI of America we produced CGI Stills + Animations for the Microcampaign of the new "2020 Audi RS6 Avant".

cgi  .  EUROSTAR - CGI Ostrich - Campaign

CGI ostrich for Nick Meek's EUROSTAR campaign.

cgi  .  VW - The new Golf GTI and GTD

CGI visuals with the new VW Gold GTI and GTD (Photo: Kai-Uwe Gundlach).

cgi  .  SMART - EQ - Campaign - Sophie Hemels

Smart EQ campaign CGI images photographed by Sophie Hemels.

cgi  .  AUDI - S5 - Rim + Location - FULL-CGI

R&D FULL-CGI project with Highres-Scanned Locations.

cgi  .  AUDI PHEV - Campaign

PHEV Campaign Visuals with partly CGI Deltarenderings

cgi  .  BMW i4 - Concept Car - Micro Campaign

CGI - Micro Campaign with the brand new BMW i4 Full Electric Concept Car. (Concept/Photo/Supervision by Clemens Ascher).

cgi  .  KLAFS - Sauna - CGI

Animation for the cgi sauna for Klafs.

IKEA - campaign

Three Campaign visuals (Photo: Kai-Uwe Gundlach) for IKEA.


Stay home, stay safe: That's the current phrase in our corona times. But, if the home is no save place. What, if it's a place of domesti ...

cgi  .  Jan Kath - Spectrum - Carpets Collection - Campaign Visuals

The first two (almost) FULL-CGI visuals for Jan Kath's current Carpet Collection "SPECTRUM", inspired by Aurora Borealis. ...

cgi  .  SMART - EQ - One Smart Web - Damien De Blinkk

"One Smart Web" CGI images photographed by Damien De Blinkk.

Ralph Mecke - Mens Health - Best Fashion "Adam Russell-Jones" - Title + Editorial 01-2020

Portrait of the ballet dancer "Adam Russel-Jones" for the title and editorial of the current Men's Health Best Fashion 01-2020 by Ralph ...

Ralph Mecke - Mens Health - Best Fashion "Noah Becker" 01-2020

Portrait of "Noah Becker" for the current Men's Health Best Fashion 01-2020 by Ralph Mecke.

cgi  .  BMW i4 - Concept Car - Micro Campaign - Teaser

Teaser of the CGI - Micro Campaign with the brand new BMW i4 Full Electric Concept Car. (Concept/Photo/Supervision by Clemens Ascher).

film  .  recomFILM - CF Moto - FULL-CG - Trailer

COSMOPOLITAN - Prix de beauté

Klas Foerster's "Prix de beauté" COSMOPOLITAN series.

cgi  .  VW - Golf GTE - Campaign

VW Golf GTE via CGI for the campaign visuals (Photo: Kai-Uwe Gundlach).

Lange & Soehne - Chrono - Visuals

Lange & Soehne Chrono visuals, photographed by Klas Foerster.

cgi  .  BMW - 2-series - Gran Coupé - campaign

CGI (Exteriors + Interiors) and Creative Retouch the current BMW 2 series - Gran Coupé Campaign (Photo: Andreas Hempel)

cgi  .  AUDI Magazine - Editoiral "AUDI e-tron" - CGI

AUDI e-tron via CGI for the AUDI Magazine Editorial, photographed by Jan van Endert.

ACHTUNG Mode - 09-2019 - Istanbul "Umit"

Fashion Editorial "Umit" for ACHTUNG Magazine. Photographed by Ralph Mecke in Istanbul.

Porsche - Beluga - Campaign

Porsche "Beluga" campaign visuals.

I Love Transylvania by Dave Late


cgi  .  STEINBEIS - Campaign Packshots

Steinbeis campaign packshots via FULL-CGI.

Dunkin Donuts - Keyvisuals


cgi  .  TNA - Tesla Model S Rims - CGI

CGI for „TheNewAero™“ - Aerowheels for Tesla Model S

Smithsonian-Magazine - Cover


Wallpaper Magazine Editorial "Perfect Storm"

Wallpaper Magazin Editorial "Perfect Storm" by Thomas Brown.


Portfolio Series "Volvo".

film  .  recomFILM - PORSCHE / TAG HEUER FormulaE - 2019

RECOM FIL M produced this FULL-CGI Image FIlm fro Porsche Formula E & TAG HEUER.

Clemens Ascher's - Bolero Editorial


cgi  .  Daily Drivers - CGI-Portfolio - 2019


ACHTUNG Mode - 09-2019 - Istanbul "Halil Ata"

Achtung Mode Fashion Editorial with "Halil Ata" phtographed by Ralph Mecke in Istanbul.

PORSCHE 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport

Campaign visuals for PORSCHE's racer 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport.

cgi  .  BMW - Concept 4 - Concept-Car

Together with Julia Obermeier and Ralph Mecke we developed in mix of analog print techniques, CGI and Photography 5 Concept Car Visuals. ...

Anke Luckmann - Twins


cgi  .  AUDI R8 Spyder

For AUDI of America we produced CGI visuals for the AUDI 2020 R8 Spyder. RECOM was also responsible for planning and execution of the ...

film  .  recomFILM - AXOR EDGE - Collection

For the high end brand of HansGrohe, Axor, we delivered a film to feature the new collection EDGE. Shot in their facility in the west of ...

cgi  .  BMW - X7 - Campaign

Campaign Visuals with the new BMW X7. Some floors, Glass Elements, Rims and some FULL Cars visualized via CGI.

cgi  .  Mercedes-Benz - CLA Coupé - CGI

Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupé campaign with CG Watkins, antoni and us "on set" as Shooting-Support in Japan. All car exteriors and interiors ...

cgi  .  Mercedes-Benz - CLA Shooting-Brake - CGI

Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake campaign with CG Watkins, antoni and us "on set" as Shooting-Support in Japan. All car exteriors and in ...

Mens Health - Best Fashion - Title + Editorial - 09-2019

Men's Health Best Fashion series with german actor "Daniel Bruehl" by Ralph Mecke.

Andreas Hempel "Venice to Malibu" - Portfolio - 2019

34 Artworks for Andreas Hempel's Portflio Series "Venice to Malibu" fresh and warn out of the RECOM LOOKFORGE.

cgi  .  NIO EP9 - FULL-CGI - Portfolio-Visuals - 2019

FULL-CGI Portfolio-Visuals with the Electric Supersportscar EP9 from the chines Automotive brand NIO produced together with HAW-LIN Serv ...

BMW - Concept Car - "Garmisch" - 2019

Analogue by Stefan Milev photographed Concept Car Camapign with Creative Retouch from us. "Clone from the lost son" Everbody ...

Alessandra Kila's "Altar of Senses" - Still Life Series


film  .  recomFILM - Automotive Reel 2019

 Our brandnew "RECOM FILM - AUTOMOTIVE Reel 2019" with international Productions as a Full-Service Film Production from Real Shooti ...

film  .  recomFILM - PORSCHE 911 GT3 RS - Press Film

Full-Service Production by RECOM FILM for the Press Film of the launch of the brand new PORSCHE 911 GT3 RS.

cgi  .  PEUGEOT - 208 - CGI

For Realtime Previz for the PEUGEOT 208 campaign visuals we travelled together with He&Me to Capetown. Final Highres CGI visuals wer ...

VOGUE - Ralph Mecke - "Kristen Stewart + Lars Eidinger" - Editorial

German VOGUE Editorial with Kristen Stewart and Lars Eidinger photographed by Ralph Mecke. Postproduction by RECOM.

AUDI Magazine - Editorial "PB18 e-tron"

During the prestigious Pebble Beach Automotive week Audi unveiled its PB18 e-tron, a high-performance, all electric concept supercar th ...

film  .  recomFILM - PORSCHE - 718 GTS - Press Film

Full-Service Production (filmed in Austria) by RECOM FILM  for the Press Film of the launch of the brand new Porsche Cayman an ...

film  .  recomFILM - BOSE - Mazda 3

To show the integration of Bose speaker systems into the brand new Mazda 3, we produced a fully animated short film. All animations incl ...

cgi  .  Lamborghini - Urus - CGI-Portfolio

CGI-Portfolio visuals developed together with the photographer David Breun.

film  .  recomFILM - MERCEDES-BENZ Genuine Parts - Interior Filter - „Dust“

Full-Service-Production by RECOM FILM for the new MERCEDES-BENZ Genuine Parts campaign.

PORSCHE - Formula E - "Start from Zero" - Visuals

Formula E - campaign visuals.

film  .  recomFILM - POLESTAR 2 - Launch film

As a Full Service Partner RECOM FILM produded for POLESTAR a 60-second Launch FIlm incl. PR-Stills. The full organisation and postprodu ...

Daimler Financial Services 2019

For Daimler Financial Services we retouched 250 images. Here´s a little choice...

cgi  .  BMW 7 Full-CGI, worldwide campagin 2019

  Full-CG images for the all new BMW 7 series...

XOXO The Mag Editorial 2019

 Editorial for XOXO The Mag, photographed by Burak Isseven...

cgi  .  Mercedes-Benz B-Class 2019

 Visuals with a wink for Mercedes-Benz / antoni / Dan Burn-Forti. The all new Mercedes-Benz B-Class. 

cgi  .  BMW M2 Competition - 04-2019

  BMW M2 Competition - CGI-images for worldwide campaign...

Mens Health - Best Fashion - Title + Editorial - 01-2019

Title (1 x Colletor + 1 x Regular) + Editorial photographed by Ralph Mecke, Postproduction from us.


Beautiful images from Klas Foerster for Sober Clean Care Berlin...

BMW M8 Gran Coupé - Concept

Visuals with the massive BMW M8 Concept-Car (Photo/Concept: J. Konrad Schmidt). Creative Postproduction by RECOM.

film  .  recomFILM - MERCEDES-BENZ Genuine Parts - Interior Filter - „Smog“

Full-Service-Production by RECOM FILM for the new MERCEDES-BENZ Genuine Parts campaign.

cgi  .  PANERAI - FULL-CGI - 2018

FULL-CGI visual from our CG Lab.

Andreas Hempel - Citigolf - Portfolio

Portfolio project "Citigolf" for Andreas Hempel.

AXOR - myEdition - Kampagnen-Visuals

16 campaign visuals for AXOR's my Edtion with a one week on location support by RECOM at the studio shooting. Parallel to the shoot we d ...

film  .  recomFILM - MERCEDES-BENZ Genuine Parts - Interior Filter - „Pollen“

Full-Service-Production by RECOM FILM for the new MERCEDES-BENZ Genuine Parts campaign.

VOGUE - Ralph Mecke - Food Still Life - Pear

Ralph Mecke's Food Still Life "Birne" for the German VOGUE.

cgi  .  Porsche - Panamera - GTS

CGI campaign motifs with the new Porsche Panamera GTS.

KLAFS - Sauna - People / Sideshots

KLAFS People and Side shots.

cgi  .  KLAFS - Sauna - Full-CGI

Toghether with loved and Kai-Uwe Gundlach we visualized two motifs via Full-CGI.

cgi  .  KLAFS - Sauna - CGI

Toghether with loved and Kai-Uwe Gundlach we visualized all sauna via CGI.

cgi  .  BMW - iNext - Concept Car

Visuals with the iNext Concept Car from the BMW Group.

Genesis Burgers - campaign

Campaign visuals for Genesis Burgers by Alessandra Kila.

cgi  .  OTTO - Ambiente - Renderings - FULL-CGI

FULL-CGI Ambiente Renderings for OTTO.

Mercedes-Benz - A-Class - Studio - 2018

 Studio production with the new A Class photographed by Carl Kleiner with "on location" support and exterior + interior postproduct ...

film  .  recomFILM - PORSCHE Macan - Press Film

Full-Service-Production von RECOM FILM für den Presse FIlm zur Markteinführung des neuen PORSCHE Macan.

cgi  .  "TJConc" - Art Series - Part_01

  "TJConc - Art Series", an ode to the 2003 tragically passed 'beauty of the air' - the Concorde. Thorsten Jasper Weese pays ...

cgi  .  Maybach - Campaign

 Campaign visuals with the new Maybach.

cgi  .  PAYONE - Campaign

Image campaign for PAYONE - one of Europes leading Paymetn Service Provider.

The Observer Magazine "Portraits" - Cover + Editorial

Portrait Editorial + Cover for the "The Observer Magazine" series.

BAM - Russenhocke - 2018

BAM's portfolio series "Russenhocke".

Ralph Mecke - Mens Health - Best Fashion - Vincent Cassel - 02-2018

Ralph Mecke's Mens Health Best Fashion Editorial Vincent Cassel incl. Title.  A Date with the Style Guru. Postproduction by RECOM.

Smithsonian Magazine - "C3PO" - Editorial

Magazine editoria with Start Wars legend "C3PO".

film  .  recomFILM - Hansa - Designo - Spot "Couple"

Full-Service-Production (filmed in Stuttgart) by RECOM FILM for the new HANSA - DESIGNO campaign. We produced two different spots for th ...

cgi  .  Lincoln - "Present Tense" - Portfolio-CGI - Project

For a portfolio piece of passion we placed an iconic time traveler into the periphery of various deserted urban settings. The popular fo ...

BAM - Dimtown - Porfolio


Mercedes-Benz - GSP - Campaign

Visuals for the Mercedes-Benz GSP campaign photographed by Philipp Rathmer. Creative Postproduciton from us.

Ralph Mecke - VOGUE German - Birkenstock KPM - 06-18

Ralph Mecke's images for the German VOGUE with the limited edition of Birkenstock and KPM.

cgi  .  INLINGUA - Masters of languages - FULL-CGI

FULL-CGI visuals for the INLINGUA campaign "Masters of languages".

cgi  .  Mercedes-Benz - A Class - Lifestyle Campaign - 2018

Marking the launch of the new A-class and continuing the partnership with TIDAL, Mercedes-Benz is excited to launch the new ad campaign ...

cgi  .  Thilo Sicheneder - Mustang Shelby GT350 - Portfolio

CGI portfolio series "Mustang" for and with Thilo Sicheneder.

Serapian Milano - Campaign

Still Life bag campaign artworks from Alessandra Kila and Postproduction from us.

Jaguar Advertorial - Attitude Magazine

Artworks for the Jaguar Advertorial at Attitude Magazine.

cgi  .  "Of Rainbows And Other Monuments" with Clemens Ascher - CGI


film  .  recomFILM - INTERSPORT International - Performance - Film

Full-Service-Production (filmed in Munic) by RECOM FILM  for the brand-new international INTERSPORT Running campaign.

BMW Indvidual M760i xDrive V12 - Nautor Swan

Our BMW Individual M760i xDrive V12 visuals we made together with J. Konrad Schmidt. This most exclusive and most powerful BMW ever ma ...

film  .  recomFILM - INTERSPORT International - Health - Film

Full-Service-Production (filmed in Munic) by RECOM FILM  for the brand-new international INTERSPORT Running campaign.

Ralph Mecke - Mens Health - Best Fashion - 01-2018

Ralph Mecke's Mens Health Best Fashon Editorial "Steppenwolf" incl. titel image artwork. Postproduction from us.

cgi  .  Mercedes-Benz - X-Klasse - Campaign

Our CGI-Visuals for the brandnew Mercedes-Benz X-Class. Photographed by Anke Luckman.

Mercedes-Benz - 4Matic - Campaign

Mercedes-Benz 4Matic campaign images photographed by Patrik Johall.

cgi  .  Michael Bader - "Kieu Duong" - CGI - Diving Platform - Portfolio

CGI diving platform and postproduction for Michael Bader's Portfolio series with "Kieu Duong".

cgi  .  Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupé

CGI visuals for the new Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupé (Photo: Marc Trautmann).

Nonfood - campaign

Creative Postproduction for Thjnk's "Nonfood" - Stillife - Campaign.

cgi  .  BMW - i8 Roaster + Coupé

CGI visuals from us for the brandnew i8 Roaster + Coupé photographed by Jeff Ludes.

film  .  recomFILM - PORSCHE 911 Carrera T - Press Film

Full-Service Production (filmed in Austria) by RECOM FILM for the Press Film of the launch of the brand new PORSCHE 911 Carrera T. ...

cgi  .  FORD - Edge - Campaign

CG Visuals for the new FORD Edge (Ph: Uli Heckmann).

film  .  FORD - Fiesta - "Time Freeze"

Parallel to the print campaign Michael Schnabel produced with uns these "Time Freeze" Animations with the current FORD Fiesta. CGI-Car ...

AXOR - Collection - Shooting - Part III

"Part III" from the huge AXOR collection shooting.

Alessandra Kila's Dream Magazine Editorial

Still life series from Alessandra Kila for Dream Magazine.

film  .  FORD - Fiesta - "Time Freeze"

Parallel to the print campaign Michael Schnabel produced with uns these "Time Freeze" Animations with the current FORD Fiesta. CGI-Car ...

Chrstian Schmidt - VOLVO - Portfolio

Christian Schmidt's folio series "VOLVO V90 Cross Country". Post by us.

cgi  .  AUDI "AICON" - Magazine Editorial

For the brandnew designed AUDI Magazine we produced CGI visuals together with the agency LOVED with AUDI's full autonome concept vehicle ...

film  .  recomFILM - PORSCHE Panamera ST 2017 - Press Film

Full-Service Production (filmed in Shanghai) + CG car by RECOM FILM for the Press Film of the launch of the brand new PORSCHE PORSC ...

AXOR - Collection - Shooting - Part II

"Part II" from the huge AXOR collection shooting.

film  .  recomFILM - PORSCHE GT3-T 2017 - Press Film

 Full-Service Production by RECOM FILM for the Press Film of the launch of the brand new PORSCHE GT3-T.

Ralph Mecke - VOGUE Germany - 09-2017 - Fashion Editorial

"Express yoursel" - Fashion Editorial from Ralph Mecke.

cgi  .  Mercedes-Benz - E-Class - Campaign

Cars, architecture elements and parts of the lava landscape via CGI for Nadav Kander's E-Class campaign.

film  .  recomFILM - PORSCHE Cayenne 2017 - Press Film

 Full-Service Production by RECOM FILM for the Press Film of the launch of the brand new PORSCHE Cayenne.

cgi  .  AUDI - SQ5

CGI visuals for the AUDI SQ5.

Ralph-Mecke - ACHTUNG-Magazine - Still - 24-2017

Still-Life for the current ACHTUNG Magazine (Photo: Ralph Mecke) 

Mercedes-Maybach S650 Cabriolet

Campaign visuals realized for the Mercedes-Maybach S60 Cabriolet together with Holger Wild and antoni.

Mercedes-Benz - S-Klasse - Campaign

Campaign visuals for the latest S Class (Photo: Uli Heckmann).

David Spaeth's "Blue Gold"

Personal Project from David Spaeth.

Ralph Mecke - ACHtUNG Magazine - Editorial - 19-2017

Calvin Klein editorial from Ralph Mecke and Postproduction from us for the current ACHTUNG Magazine.

cgi  .  BMW - X7 - Concept - 2017

Images for the brand new BMW X7 Concept.

cgi  .  BMW - i3s - campaign

CGI visuals for the BMW i3s.

Ralph Mecke - VOGUE German - Citrus - 08-2017

Stilllife "SOUR MERCY" by Ralph Mecke for the Germany VOGUE. Post by us.

cgi  .  TANQUERAY - Campaign


PAPARATRUCKS by Ritze & Nippes


The Gourmand - Lobster

 Lobster series from the still life artsit Thomas Brown and us...

BEEF! - Magazine - Editorial - Rips - 2017

Nice rips editorial for the famous BEEF! Magazine.

cgi  .  AUDI - A5 - Pointcloud - CGI

Hybrid production with Markus Wendler and KolleRebbe, where we combined real photography with fitting pointcloud scans. Visualized point ...

cgi  .  BMW - 5 series - Campaign

CGI visuals with the current 5 series from BMW.

Ralph Mecke - VOGUE German - Ice cream - 07-2017

Stilllife "Ice cream" by Ralph Mecke for the Germany VOGUE. Post by us.

AXOR - Collection - Shooting - Showers

"Showers" from the huge AXOR collection shooting.

film  .  recomFILM - BMW Concept "Link" Bike

FIlm production parallel to the still shoot for world premiere of the the BMW Concept "LINK" Bike.

BMW - Concept-Link-Bike

Images for the wolrd premiere at Concorso d`Eleganza Villa d`Este 2017 at Comer See with the BMW Concept "LINK" Bike. RECOM FILM p ...

film  .  recomFILM - PORSCHE - GT3 - Press Film

 Press Film for the brand new Porsche GT3 produced by RECOM FILM .

BMW R nineT Scrambler


Mercedes-Benz "Grow Up" - campaign

Mercedes-benz and antoni is taking a new approach to marketing communications with the most extensive conent creation in its history. We ...

Mens Health - Best Fashion - Editorial

Fashion Editorial from Clemens Ascher for Men's Health Best Fashion.

cgi  .  FORD Mustang

CGI visuals for the current FORD Mustang campaign.

LEICA S - Magazine - Fashion-Editorial "Bello"


film  .  recomFILM - Monica Menez's Fashion-Film "Bello"


AUGUSTA - Golfclub

Christian Schmidt's impressions of the AUGUSTA Golfclubs.

SONY Bravia 4k- campaign

Print campaign for the new 4k SONY Bravia.

Café Paris - Girls night out - Portfolio

Folio series in the legendary Café Paris at night.

AUDI Q5 - Campaign

Artworks for the current AUDI Q5 campaign from thjnk, Emir Haveric and us.

Mercedes-Benz E-Coupé

Artworks for the current Mercedes-Benz E-Coupé campaign with Kai-Uwe Gundlach.

Men's Folio - "Neon" - Editorial

"Neon" - Editorial for and with Jean-Yves Lemoigne for Men's Folio.

cgi  .  AUDI A5/S5 Convertible - literature

For the new AUDI A5 / S5 Convertible literature we produced the Energy-Light-Beams and all cars in CGI.

cgi  .  Porsche - 911 GTS - Press

Press Images to the launch of the brand new 911 GTS in all derivates (Coupé, Convertible, Targa) by RECOM CGI .

cgi  .  Lamborghini Aventator / Architecture - FULL-CGI

Marc Trautmann came to us with an idea for a creative collaboration between CGI, photography, and architecture. The astonishi ...

ChapmansBenz by Ritze & Nippes - Portfolio - 2017

Robert Westrich (aka Ritze) und Thorsten Jasper Weese (aka NIppes) produced parallel to a projekt trip round Capetown this first folio s ...

Cadillac - CTS-V by Alex Bernstein - Stills

Well to the image film fitting still series with post by us.

film  .  recomFILM - Cadillac CTS-V by Alex Bernstein


J. Konrad Schmidt - AV Defekt - Self portrait

Self portrait project from and with J. Konrad Schmit "AV Defekt". Artwork by RECOM.

EPIC Escape - campaign

Campaign visuals from Philipp Rathmer for Post by us.

Lagonda - Portfolio

 Portfolio series "Lagonda".

Soho House - House Notes Magazine

Thomas Brown got assigend to shoot a variety of outstanding spirits for the Soho House - Private Club magazine.

Ralph Mecke - VOGUE Germany - Egg - 03-2017

Intrinsic Values - a classic and star in the kitchen - why should an egg get its love and respect...

cgi  .  LEXUS LS - campaign

CGI visuals for the latest LEXUS LS. 

cgi  .  BMW - M-Performance - CGI

CGI production for BMW M-Performance.

Clemens Ascher - The Red Drink - Portfolio series

Portfolio series for Clemens Ascher.

Ralph Mecke - VOGUE German - Makatsch-Clark - 12-2016

"Soundtracks of life" - together with Ralph Mecke we worked on the portrait series for this VOGUE story.

BMW - 7er - Individual

Images for the the BMW 7th series - Individual - model "Solitaire".

film  .  recomFILM - Dalensolie

Image spot for Dalensolie.

Ralph Mecke - VOGUE German - Gourmet-Special - 11-16

Ralph Mecke's title and editorial in the current German VOGUE's "Gourmet Special".

Klas Foerster - Fragrance / Eyewear - Portfolio 2016

Porfolio series for Klas Foerster "Fragrance/Eyewear".

cgi  .  CADILLAC XT5 campaign interiors

CGI interiors for Phil Poynter's Cadillac XT5 campaign.

cgi  .  Black Widow - CGI


film  .  recomFILM - Mercedes-Benz Bank - 360-VR-Spot


cgi  .  BMW - Hybrid-Kampagne - FULL-CGI

Two FULL-CGI visuals for the curretn hybrid campaign from BMW.

cgi  .  Porsche Panamera - campaign visuals - 2016

Together with Erik Chmil we produced rouind 30 CGI visuals for the launch of the brand new Porsche Panamera.

Max Eicke's "DOMINA" - Book

The final of Max Eicke's Domina series is the brand new finished book. Post by RECOM.

cgi  .  AUDI Q7 - e-tron - campaign 2016

FULL-CGI Visual for the AUDI Q7 e-tron campaign.

film  .  recomFILM: Jolie Magazin / Lena Meyer-Landrut and L'Oréal Paris


Ralph Mecke - VOGUE German - Tomato - 09-16 - Editorial

Artwork for Ralph Meck's "Tomato Still" for the Germany VOGUE 09/2016.

cgi  .  Porsche Panamera - Webspecial / Editorial - 2016

For the launch of the new Porsche Panamera we worked on the official Marketing visuals and for this very nice Wespecial in editorial sty ...

LOEWE "SPECTRAL" campaign 2016

Loewe "SPECTRAL" campaign artworks (Photo: Michael Donath)

LOEWE "ONE" campaign 2016

Campaign artworks for LOEWE (Photo: Michael Donath)

David Goldman - Best Fashion - 02-16 - Title

recomPOST for the Best Fashion Magazine title (Photo: David Goldman)

Ralph Mecke - Best Fashion - 02-16 - Editorial

EAT FEAR OPEN MIND Dreams like fashion. Dreams help to creative something beyond reality, something new and different. In wild ...

Jean-Yves Lemoigne - American-Football - Folio - 2016

American Football - folio series for Jean-Yves Lemoigne.

Mercedes-Benz GSP - Kampagne - 2016

GSP campaign artworks.

cgi  .  AUDI Sport - League of Performance - campaign - FULL-CGI

RECOM, Thjnk and Uwe Duettmann developed a Motorsport World via FULL-CGI to present the RS-Models like R8, RS6, RS7 and the RSQ3 on a Ra ...

INTERVIEW - Magazine - Editorial - 2016

Artworks for Stefan Heinrich's Interview-Editorial.

cgi  .  AUDI Magazin - Allroad Serie - CGI - 2016

Artworks with CGI and projections for the AUDI magazine.

Zeitmagazine - Omar Sy - Editorial

Omar Sy portraits by Stefan Heinrichs for the Zeitmagazine. Post by RECOM.


At the New York Auto Show Acura unveiled their new NSX GT3 and Benedict Redgrove made the still visuals with us.

INFINITI Q50 - campaign - 2016

Artworks for the current INFINITI Q50 campaign.

cgi  .  AUDI - A5 / S5 - Campaign - 2016

We generated all cars and the cool pixel effect for the brandnew AUDI A5 and S5 campaign.

cgi  .  BMW Group - 100 Jahre - campaign - 2016

Togehter with Michael Schnabel we worked on BMW's 100 anniversary campaign. Congrats from our side to our client BMW!

Ralph Mecke "STILLS" for Gallery Weekend 2016 Berlin Exhibition

Ralph Meckes STILLS series for the Gallery Weekend 2016 exhibition in Berlin.

INFINITI QX60 - campaign - 2016

Campaign motifs for the latest INFINITI QX60

Clemens Ascher - Garage Magazine - Editorial


Ralph Mecke - Hair/Beauty - Portfolio - 2016

Beauty/Hair porfolio motifs for and from Ralph Mecke.

FORD - campaign - 2016

Michael Schnabel's FORD campaign visuals.

Isabel Kibler - Portfolio series - 2016

 Fashion/Beauty series for Isabel Kibler.

cgi  .  1664 - Image Campaign - 2016

Beside the CG packshots of the bottles we developed via CGI some flying flamingos, landing stage, buoy, planks and a full rooftop bar se ...

film  .  recomFILM - LEVI'S "Wedding"

Our Levi’s Spec-Spot (DOP : Andres Justus Burz / RECOM FILM) won BRONZE at the 19th spotlight-Festival!

film  .  recomFILM - VW "Bäcker" - TVC

TVC for Volkswagen from RECOM FILM  DOP "Andreas Justus Burz".

OPEL GT - Advertorial 2016

 Advertorial images for the brand new OPEL GT...

Klas Foerster - Beauty-Porfolio - 2016

Beauty series for Klas Foerster.

film  .  "JUST A DAY" - CG Car in Real Film

RECOM FILM says HELLO!   Finally, after our last teaser in December, we are happy to present “JUST A DAY”. This is our ...

BREUNINGER - still series - 2016

Post for Victor Jon Goico`s fashion still series for BREUNINGER.

cgi  .  OneSystem - Lego-Typo - FULL-CGI


film  .  VW - Comfort by nature.

A Spec-Film / Branded Short with VW. All components (except direction) like the idea/concept, DOP, Editing, Grading and even the mu ...

film  .  SONY "THE LAST ONE"


film  .  recomFILM - Porsche Design Sport - Adidas - Xabi Alonso

cgi  .  OPEL - Insignia - FULL-CGI - Kampagne

FULL-CGI visuals for the current OPEL Insignia campaign.

cgi  .  AUDI - Quattro - Snow-Spiral - FULL-CGI - campaign

This is the biggest out of home campaign Hamburg agendy Kolle Rebe has ever produced and it was also our most complex CGI production eve ...

MAN - Team Success Campaign 2016

Artwork for the MAN team success campaign "strong performance" photographed by Marc and David.

David Westphal - VOLVO - Portfolio

Portfolio shot for David Westphal.

Space Opera - Portfolio-Work 2016

Post by recom for Jan Friese`s folio series "Space Opera". Photographed at the original Starwars film set in tunisia.

AUDI - Motorsport calendar 2016

Again we and Berhand Spoettel produced the images for the AUDI Motorsport calendar 2016. This time we added a special "matrix effect" wi ...

INFINITI - G50S - campaign

Campaign artworks Nissan's luxury brand INFINITI.

Thomas Brown - Still Life - 2016

 Still Life - Porfolio - series for and with Thomas Brown.

FAS campaign

 Artworks for Kai-Uwe Gundlach for the FAS campaign

film  .  Pre-Teaser - COMPUTER GENERATED CAR IN REAL FILM - 2015

 This year we filmed with an ARRI Alexa in 4k, with a 4k-Drone and a Stand-in-Car several shots, to replace the tracked stand-in wi ...

cgi  .  FORD - Escape - campaign - 2016

Marketing visuals for the new FORD Escape. (Photo: David Westphal, CGI+POST: RECOM)

cgi  .  NISSAN - LCV - arena stadium - Range in FULL-CGI Location

 FULL-CGI location for Uwe Düttmann's NISSAN LCV Range.

Wallpaper - Cover-Artwork - 01-2016

Cover artwork for the current Wallpaper Magazine.

Rolls Royce "DAWN" - Marketing-Visuals

Marketing visuals for the latest luxury convertible "DAWN" from Rolls Royce.

CitizenK - Jewellery-Editorial

Jewellery editorial for the CitizenK.

cgi  .  CGI SNAKE & BAG

CGI snake in the the fashion bag shot from Monica Menez. 

cgi  .  BMW - F30 + F31 - Marketing-Visuals

 Realtime Previz und HDR shoot support "on set" in Barcelona + CGI visuals for the F30 and conventional F31 for BMW.

Ralph Mecke - Numero Homme - 04-15 - Editorial

EIKE VON STUCKENBROCK was a rebel. As a 14 years old he started the Staatliche Schule for artistic in Berlin, got in trouble with the ma ...

film  .  Highsnobiety "A$AP Rocky & Ferg" - FILM - 11-2015

Parallel to the still shoot for the title story with A$AP Rocky and Ferg (Creative Retouch by RECOM POST ), Robert Wunsch produced ...

Klas Foerster - Beauty-Portfolio - 2015

Beauty artworks for Klas Foerster's folio series.

cgi  .  BMW - PHEV - Group-Shot

 Two more group shots for the BMW EHEV series. Cars, charger station and cables via CGI.

Highsnobiety Editorial "A$AP Rocky & Ferg" - 11-2015

 "A$AP Rocky& Ferg" series by Robert Wunsch for the Highsnobiety Magazine. Post by us.

Marcus Hoehn - Mustang series - 2015

A dream car for a nice folio series for and with Marcus Hoehn. Post by RECOM.

Cadillac XT5 campaign

 Artworks for the current Cadillac XT5 campaign. Photographed by Phil Poynter, retouched in our New York office.

cgi  .  Mercedes-Benz F1 - Winner Visual - FULL-CGI

 FULL visual for Mercedes-Trucks with congrats to the F1-Team and their win this season.

film  .  AXOR "ONE" - Product Launch Film - Full-CGI - 2015

For our client AXOR we created a product launch film for their latest AXOR ONE (Design: Barber & Ausgerbe). The FULL CGI film is sho ...

film  .  SKIN - Beauty-Film

 A film by Philip Bruederle and Pete Schilling. Color Correction by RECOM FILM . The human skin is a fascinating and manifold ...

Jens Boesenberg - AD - Editorial - 2015

 Still life series for the AD.

William Green - Portfolio Work - 2015

 Nice little folio series for and with Willian Green.

QVEST - No69 - Le Club de Chanel - Editorial - 11-2015

 Hoist anchor, sails set: Mademoiselle Channel's Deauville-Chic inspired series.

cgi  .  Robert Westrich - CGI-Portfolio - Work

 CGI folio visuals with the brand news AUDI R8.

DUNLOP - campaign 2015

 The new DUNLOP campaign is on air.

cgi  .  Mercedes-F1 - Winner campaign "THE WON" - 2015

Again congrats to Lewis Hamilton for his next F1 world champion title 2015. Together with Jan Steinhilber and the agency antoni we made ...

Ralph Mecke - VOGUE Germany "Peaches + Grosse" 10-2015

Peaches and Katharina Grosse talking about the art of bringing past to the future. Portraits by Ralph Mecke, Post by us...

KaDeWe 2015

 Fragrances Still campaign for the KaDeWe in Berlin.

cgi  .  Mercedes-F1 - winner campaign "WON more time" - 2015

The Mercedes F1 team did it again and won the construction engineer title. Congrats! Attached you can find our cgi winner visual we di ...

Breun&Grega - Noah Editorial "Batman"

Wat is batman doing in a swedish province? Actually "Leif Garvin Alderskans" tried to drive a cap in Gambia, but he couldn't handle th ...

cgi  .  Mercedes-F1 motorsport campaign 2015

Further visuals with a F1-CGI car for the new Mercedes-F1 motorsport campaign.

cgi  .  VW - Tiguan

This summer we travelled with Thomas Strogalski, the agency and the client for the CGI backplate shooting and realtime previz "on set" t ...


 Marketing visuals for the new Maybach.

Ralph Mecke - French Revue - Editorial 2015


JEVER campaign 2015

 Jevel campaign of Michael Schnabel.

KIA - Ceed - campaign

Artworks made with Anke Luckmann and JvM for KIA ceed camapaign.

cgi  .  BMW - PHEV - Family

 CGI range shots for the BMW PHEV family shots inclusive on locaiton previz in Barcelona.

Axl Jansen - Noah Editorial


Mercedes-Benz Classic - campaign


Klas Foerster - Porftolio series


Ralph Mecke - VOGUE Germany - 06-2015


Genetic Mutations


cgi  .  Mercedes-F1 "The Chase" - motorsport campaign 2015

Further visual with a F1-CGI car for the new Mercedes-F1 motorsport campaign.

EXOGENESIS (or Life Outside of Earth)

Exogenesis is the hypothesis that life originated elsewhere in the universe and later spread to Earth.  In August 1996, a ...

BMW 4er - Grand-Coupé

Marketing visuals for the latest BMW 4er Brand Coupé.

cgi  .  Mercedes-Benz "Sprinter" campaign 2015

Beside the cars we generated the elephant balloon and the drill head incl. huge parts of the concrete wall via CGI-

Ralph Mecke - Best Fashion - 02-2015

Ralph Mecke - Zeitmagazin - Toni Garrn "I have a dream"

Toni Garrn portrait for the Zeitmagazin.

Essential Homme - Editorial

Editorial series for the Essential Homme. Post by us.

cgi  .  Clemens Ascher's "In the Garden" - Portfolio


cgi  .  Mercedes-F1 "Time Warp" - motorsport campaign 2015

First Visual with a F1-CGI car for the new Mercedes-F1 motorsport campaign. Congrats to Nico.

DS5 - campaign - 2015

Launch images for the new DS5.

Vision Magazine - Ridicule - 2015


cgi  .  Mushroom Cloud

On his last trip to the US photographer Nick Meek set out to explore the desolate surroundings of New Mexico’s White Sands Missile Ran ...

Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake - campaign 2015

For the CLA Shootingbrake campaign we travelled to Paris, Frankfurt, London and Barcelona to shoot the helipads and we added via CGI the ...

cgi  .  balloon series - cgi self promotion


Ralph Mecke - VOGUE Russia - Rem Koolhaas

Portraits of the architect "Rem Koolhaas" for the russian VOGUE by Ralph Mecke.

BMW's Gentlemans Racer for the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este

The concept car "Gentlemans Racer" was developed from BMW for "The Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este" entwickelt.Backplates and HDRis wer ...

"Bentley" Portfolio series

Andreas Hempel's folio series "Bentley".

"TV Mind" - Portfolio series

FORD - campaign - 2015

cgi  .  Portfolio-Work


Domina series

A portrait series about dominas.

Lewis Hamilton "Rebirth of the cool" - Cover + Editorial

Cover story "Rebirth of the cool" about the F1 world champion "Lewis Hamilton".

Town & Country with Christoph Waltz

cgi  .  AMG - Tuscaloosa - FULL-CGI Visual

Large-scale FULL-CGI visual for the interactive Augemented Realtiy exhibition at AMG Tuscaloosa (Alabama).

KALDEWEI - Keyvisuals


cgi  .  HONDA - CR-V 2015 - campaign

CGI visuals for the brand new HONDA CR-V.

Ralph Mecke - L'Officiel - Editorial

cgi  .  VW Sharan - literature & campaign

CGI visuals for the new Sharan with previz on set in south africa.

Toshi Oku's portrait series

Jens Boesenberg - Harpers Bazaar

Still life series with Jens Boesenberg for the Harpers Bazaar.

cgi  .  Porsche Tennis Grand Prix 2016 - Full-CGI - Keyvisual

Full-CGI keyvisual for the coming Porsche Tennis Grand Prix 2016

Ralph Mecke - VOGUE Germany - Alex Katz - 05-2015

Elegant paintings filled with clear poetry. For the VOGUE Gemerny Ralph Mecke is guest at ALEX KATZ, the portraitist of the cosmopolitan ...

cgi  .  Porsche GTS Range

Together with Kemper Kommunikation and the photographers Breun&Grega we developed range motifs with the current Porsche GTS family.

GQ - France - 04-2015 "Jamel" - Coverstory

Cover story with the actor "Jamel Debbouze" for the GQ France.

Madame Peripetie for LEICA

cgi  .  Marc Trautmann - Jaguar F-Type - Portfolio

CGI portoflio series with the Jaguar F-Type in the mountains by Marc Trautmann.

cgi  .  Duckstein - campaign visual with CGI clouds

After many research flights and with his huge expertise in clouds Markus Mueller (Berlin based photographer) developed with us via CGI t ...

Ralph Mecke - ACHTUNG - Magazine - Editorial 29 - 2015

Aurélie Bidermann - Beauty & Fashion


Ralph Mecke - Best Fashion - Bewegungsfreiheit - 2014

cgi  .  Lexus RCF group shot

CGI cars for the Lexus RCF group shot.

cgi  .  HANSGROHE - Select - campaign - Full-CGI

FULL-CGI work for the Hansgrohe Select campaign, where we show the different settings of the water jet with drop shapes like "boxing glo ...



Jo Malone - Still Life

Still life series for Jo Malone products.

Ralph Mecke - FAZ - fashion special - 02-2015

Title and editorial in the Fashion Special of the FAZ magazine.

Porsche Cayman GT4 - Outdoor

All outdoor images to the launch of the Cayman GT4 from us as well.

cgi  .  Porsche Cayman GT4 - Studio shoot + FULL-CGI-Architecture

We developed a FULL-CGI Indoor architecture as location for the images of the launch of the brand new Porsche Cayman GT4. The car was ph ...

AUDI - Motorsport Calendar 2015

Again we and Berhand Spoettel produced the images for the AUDI Motorsport calendar 2015. For all images Bernhard need to shoot the backg ...

Pattex - campaign "Battlefield"

Artworks for the current Pattex campaign "Battlefield".

Gelomyrtol campaign

Artworks with several couples for the current Gelomyrol campaign.

cgi  .  GQ Magazine - Editorial "AMG GT"

Beside our creative retouch work we generated a concrete wall in CGI for the GQ UK editorial with "TINIE TEMPAH" and the brand new "AMG ...

Florian Harrer - Fashion-Portfolio-Work


Burberry - Still Life

Still life series for Burberry.

cgi  .  Selfpromotion Portfolio-Work "Snake" Full-CGI

To learn new CGI skills we're working from time to time on our own independent visuals. This time a quite impressing snake was created v ...

Ralph Mecke - VOGUE Germany - Anticlean - 02-2015

Extravagance meets purism - the new dream team. Main actor of this style flirt : Mode made in Germany.

Ralph Mecke - VOGUE Germany - Tomas Maier - 02-2015

Ralph Mecke portraitiert Tomas Maier für ein VOGUE Germany Editorial.

Monica Menez "Touched for the very first time" - Portfolio

Portfolio Jewellery series with an for Monica Menez.

cgi  .  RECOM wishes merry Xmas and a Happy 2015...

Vision Magazine - Editorial - Elizaveta Porodina

Fashion editorial for the Vision Magazine.


Architecture, props and cars for the visual "test facility" for the motorsport series were done via CGI.

Ralph Mecke - Citizen K - Editorial

New editorial series with Ralph Mecke for CitizenK.

cgi  .  VW - GOLF Alltrack

CGI production with "on location" support for previz and HDRi shoot or the new VW Golf Alltrack.

Hyundai - Sonata

cgi  .  MERCEDES-MOTORSPORT - F1 Winner Artwork - "Lewis Hamilton"

Congrats to our client and to Lewis Hamilton to the F1 winner title. The official winner visual attached.

AT&T Kampagne 2014

cgi  .  Peter Burgstaller - CGI-Portfolio-Work




cgi  .  FORD Explorer

CGI images incl. 360° turntable for the new FORD Explorer. Please find all CGI exterior images and the turntable on the official FORD w ...

Film Commission "Flashbacks"

TURNING BACK TIME. Hidden places, hidden stories: a set of postcards full of surprising moments, forgotten history and architectural wi ...

cgi  .  Porsche Panamera - Indoor - FULL-CGI

More the 60 FULL-CGI images were produced for the Porsche Panamera Indoor concept.

cgi  .  Porsche E-Mobility


Kila & Rusharc - photosynthesis-artificialis

cgi  .  NISSAN Pulsar campaign 2014

Our first project working with the great Rick Guest was a complex one, promoting the release of the brand new Nissan Pulsar. With a brie ...



Ralph Mecke - VOGUE USA - John Kerry

Ralph Mecke photographed John Kerry for the US VOUGE.

cgi  .  Mercedes-Benz - Marco Polo - 2014 -CGI

RECOM travelled for "on location" support with previz with the photographer Markus Wendler and agency Panama to Newzealand to give the n ...

cgi  .  SCHNABEL + EVERS + RECOM - Selfpromotion

Ralph Mecke - Flaunt

cgi  .  Mercedes-Motorsport - F1 - FULL-CGI

The next FULL CGI visual for the successful F1 racing season

David Spaeth - Rummelsnuff

A portrait by David Spaeth of Rummelsnuff.


cgi  .  SMART - Forfour

We produced all cars via CGI for the new SMART Forfour launch.

cgi  .  Pleasure Grounds by Clemens Ascher

Look at these images and look again because what first appears to be a theme park is in reality a carefully constructed world balancing ...

Ralph Mecke - Bloomberg - Still Life - Editorial 2014

Still Life Food-Portrait by Ralph Mecke

cgi  .  NISSAN Xtrail campaign 2014

We recently went with photographer Nick Meek to Paris and to lake Montriond in the French Alps to shoot the latest Nissan X-Trail campai ...

Ralph Mecke - Vanity Fair - Paula Patton

A Ralph Mecke Portrait of "Paula Patton" for the US Vanity Fair.

Etienne Fuchs - Glasses Portfolio - 2014

Ralph Mecke - Best Fashion - 02-2014

Editorial "Zwichenwelten" inspired by the world of Francis Bacon.

cgi  .  FORD KA - Pink CGI House

Pink CGI House for the current FORD KA campaign.

Thomas Brown - Still Life - Portfolio

cgi  .  Mercedes-Motorsport - F1 - Hockenheim


Citizen K - Watches - Editorial

Watches editorial

Hyundai Sonata

Campaign artworks for the new Hyundai Sonata.

ALLIANZ - campaign - Lewis Hamilton

One more Allianz campaign artwork with Lewis Hamilton.

cgi  .  Mercedes-Vans -Sprinter - sidewind assistant

Artwork (cars via CGI) for the new Sprinter sidewind assistant.

cgi  .  AUDI Magazine - 01-2014 - Freeride - CGI

Collages of free ride images an cgi cars with and in snow.

Jürgen Klopp for Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken WM 2014


cgi  .  Lincoln - Bejing Autoshow


Thomas Brown - Luxury

Still life series for and with Thomas Brown.

Smirnoff campaign

Wilcox & Johansson - Folio - 2014

Folio series of the new duo Wilcox & Johansson

Ralph Mecke - ACHTUNG - Magazine - Makatsch - 27-2014

Ralph Mecke again made the title and story about Heiko Makatsch.

Kia - Sportage - Kampagne 2014

4 images of the current Kia Sportage campaign shot in Capetown

Repetto campaign 2014

Campaign image for Repetto.

Ralph Mecke - Hair - 2014

Ralph Mecke's new hair series for self promotion

cgi  .  Mercedes-AMG - Brand Campaign - FULL-CGI - 2014

recomCGI developed together with Bruce B. an architectural FULL-CGI world as a "brand campaign" stage for the products of AMG.

Ralph Mecke - Beauty - 2014

Ralph Mecke's latest Beauty series for selfpromotion

cgi  .  Mercedes-Benz - Motorsport - F1 - Win in Shanghai - CGI

To the fourth consecutive win recomCGI produced one more image. Congrats Mercedes Motorsport. More coming soon...

Hornbach "Do something against ugly" - campaign 2014

DUNLOP campaign

Artwork for the current DUNLOP campaign.

cgi  .  Perfume - Ladybug - FULL-CGI

A FULL-CGi portfolio work out of our creative spot in New York.

Kila & Rusharc - phenomenon-natural

A prehistoric perfume interpretation by KIla & Rusharc with Post by RECOM.

Ralph Mecke - VOGUE Germany - 05-2014 "Vodianova & Repin"

An Editorial for the German VOGUE with the supermodel "Natalia Vodianova" and the star violinist "Vadim Repin".

BMW Vision Future Luxury - Concept Car

Images to the international presentation of the concept car "BMW Vision Future Luxury".

cgi  .  Mercedes-Benz - Motorsport - F1 - Doppelsieg - CGI

Second race in the 2014 f1 series, Mercedes F1 team made a double with Lewis Hamilton as winner. recomCGI produces the double winner ima ...

Frederic Streicher - Beetle - Portfolio

New Portfolio work with hte VW Beetle for Frederic Streicher.

cgi  .  Lexus CT - CGI

Via CGI we integrated the LEXUS CT in a people shot out of the Lexus Stock archive.


Ralph Mecke - VOGUE Germany - 04-2014 "Aladag & Gordon"

Editorial work for the Germany VOGUE.

cgi  .  Mercedes-Benz - Motorsport - F1 - CGI

CGI image of the first place of the first 2014 F1 race.

cgi  .  NISSAN - Qashqai - Campaign - FULL-CGI

FULL-CGI world for the NISSAN Qashqai campaign

cgi  .  VW - iBeetle - CGI

For the new special edition iBeetle, which comes equipped with an iPhone interface and its own app, the car was created in CGI for the v ...

Kila & Rusharc - Metamorphic

Portfolio Post work for and with Kila & Rusharc

cgi  .  Inlingua "SAFE" campaign - FULL-CGI

FULL-CGI Save visuals for the INLINGUA Campaign.

Philipp Rathmer - Hear the worls - 4ears

cgi  .  Trautmann - Spaceship - AWARD-Work - 2014 - CGI

An Alien girl with her spaceship got lost on our earth.

cgi  .  FORD MUSTANG - campaign - CGI - 2014

CGI image of the FORD MUSTANG rollout campaign.

cgi  .  NISSAN - QASHQAI - Campaign - Helipad - CGI

recomCGI developed a futuristic helipad and generated this helipad and the car via CGI.

Ralph Mecke - Bloomberg - UN - Editorial 2014

Bloomgerg editorial photographed at the UN office in New York.


Robert hit Paris at night with the MERCEDES CLA 45 AMG EDITION 1. Commissioned by fischerAppelt he turned night to day and shot the supe ...

AUDI MOTORSPORT - calendar 2011

Ralph Mecke - ACHTUNG - Magazine - Food

Heiko Richard - Intersection - Editorial - BMWi3

Editorial for Intersection with the BMWi3

Breuninger - Premium - Mailing

cgi  .  AMG calendar 2014 "Expand the Physics" - FULL-CGI


Ralph Mecke - VOGUE Germany - 01-2014 "Proenza Schouler"

cgi  .  FORD MUSTANG - campaign - CGI

CGI images in a lively edtiorial look and feel for the rollout of the new FORD MUSTANG.

Mini John Cooper Works Concept 2014

cgi  .  Inlingua "th" campaign - CGI

We'll take care of your "th" problem.

Weltreise 2013

Tim Mueller Portfolio 2013

cgi  .  Panamera Turbo S Executive - CGI

cgi  .  Hornbach - Hammer - Campaign - CGI - 2013

Hammer in FULL-CGi for displays, city light, 18/1 and the 180-turntable for the microsite

Janine Graubaum - Portfolio 2013

Qvest - Chanel Editorial 2013

Tim Mueller - Portfolio 2013

Ralph Mecke - Vanity Fair - Gemma Arterton

SONY Bravia - campaign "4K" 2013

HUK - campaign 2013

cgi  .  LA Nighttime - CGI Vintage cars - Markus Wendler

Moody & Farell - EloiseHats


Hornbach campaign 2013

cgi  .  Zurich - campaign 2013


William Green - Portfolio - 2013

cgi  .  NISSAN Note - FULL-CGI

cgi  .  Healthcare campaign 2013

cgi  .  AMICA ITALY - Editorial - CGI


Lincoln campaign 2013

Heiko Richard - Intersection - Editorial - Lexus

Heiko Richard - L'Officiell Homme - Mads Mikkelsen - Title + Editorial

Frederic Streicher - Portfolio

cgi  .  BMW i8 - FULL-CGI


Croatia Krka Waterfalls 2013

cgi  .  AUDI Magazine - 01-2013 - RS6 Avant - CGI

Ralph Mecke - ACHTUNG - Magazin - Boards of Honor - 25-2013

KaDeWe 2013

cgi  .  Mercedes-Vans - Sprinter MOPF - campaign 2013

CGI cars for the current Spritner campaign "pioneers" 2013. The caverne at the Linthatl shots was made in FULL-CGI, too.

SAMSUNG campaign 2013

Ralph Mecke - ACHTUNG - Magazin - DIOR - 25-2013

Ralph Mecke - VOGUE Germany - 9/2013

ALLIANZ - campaign 2013

Coke light

GQ - USA - Editorial

Heiko Richard - L'Officiell Homme - Jennson Button - Editorial

Heiko Richard - Intersection - Editorial - CLA

cgi  .  Mercedes VIANO Grand Edition - CGI


GQ Magazine - Jaguar F-Type - 2013

FORD campaign 2013


Fräulein Magazin - Heiko Richard - Lou Doillon

cgi  .  HDI - HDI Helps Campagne

Campaign visuals incl. CGI HDI logo.

Mercedes-Benz - Sprinter Classic Russia - 2013

Kila & Rusharc - The Impossibility of Love

VW - TopView

VW USA - Passat

Ralph Mecke - INTERVIEW - Magazine - 01-2013

Breuninger - Königreich der Schuhe

cgi  .  Acura - MDX - CGI

cgi  .  RENAULT - Captur - campaign - CGI



Endre Dulic - Post + CGI Portfolio Work - 2013

Toyota - Yaris - Trend

Vision China - Editiorial - Swirl

Kerastase - campaign

Ralph Mecke - VOGUE Germany - 12/2012

Ralph Mecke - Bloomberg - Marseille

cgi  .  Breuninger - CGI-Laptop


BMW X4 Concept - Studio

BMW X4 Concept - Outdoor

Vision China - Editiorial

cgi  .  Porsche - Panamera - Webspecial + Coffee Table Book - CGI

13 CGI images with 3 current Porsche Panamera models were created for a webspecial and a coffee table book on trips to Girona / Spain an ...

cgi  .  CGI-Wasps - Folio

The wasps were created in CGI.

cgi  .  FULL-CGI - Folio - Streams Goo Clouds




cgi  .  Endre Dulic - CGI-Portfolio - 2012

This CGI work is a part of big Portfolio series coming soon.


Tino Pohlmann - L'OFFICIEL HOMMES - Dave Gahan

cgi  .  Hornbach campaign

Chess figures made in CGI.


cgi  .  Franck Allais - Miniature Cars - CGI-Portfolio

cgi  .  ACURA - CGI


Ralph Mecke - Bloomberg - ANDY_BOOTH

cgi  .  Estée Lauder - Full-CGI - Portfolio project

AUDI motorsport calendar 2013

cgi  .  Porsche - Cayman - Main catalogue - Full-CGI


Madame Peripetie - John Kirby - portfolio

VW - Beetle - Convertible - campaign 2013

cgi  .  AUDI R8 campaign - Full-CGI


Ralph Mecke - Liberation Next - Jamie Borchert

Andrea Massari Portfolio


Ralph Mecke - Liberation Next - Edgar Ramirez

Armin Morbach - Art Basel



TOYOTA - Auris

Robert Westrich - Landrover - Portfolio

Yves Borgwardt - GALA-Editorial - Judith Rakers

Andreas Hempel - Christophorus Magazine - Editorial

Franck Allais - Lorries Typo - Art-Project

This surreal art project by photographer Franck Allais shows static street scenes with the sum of ads that have driven by on trucks that ...

cgi  .  Mert - VW - CGI-Portfolio


Ralph Mecke - INTERVIEW - Magazine - 02-2013

Cover and edtiorial with "Hannelore Elsner" (famous german actress) in the current INTERVIEW.

Marbert Rocel - CD Cover - 2012

VW - Beetle - Cabrio - campaign 2012

Campaign visuals fot he VW Beetle Cabrio.

Moody & Farrell

Liberation Next - Grimes - Cover and Editorial 49-2012

cgi  .  AMG - CGI calendar 2013

All cars and typo stage elements are made in CGI.

Step Magazin - Editorial

Andreas Hempel - Portfolio - LeMans 2012

cgi  .  Mercedes-Benz - Vans - Startbox - CGI

Birburger Sponsoring Campaign 2012

cgi  .  Allpresan 2012

Liberation Next - Booba - Cover and Editorial 48-2012

VW - Beetle - Fender campaign 2012

cgi  .  Mercedes-Benz - Actros - campaign




Markus Mueller - Portfolio - 2012

Markus Mueller continues his portfolio series. Post by recom

Philipp Rathmer - "5 Roads Back home" Exhibition

An exhibition for The European Azerbaijan Society. Philipp Rathmer portrait Azerbaijan war refugees.

cgi  .  DIOR - FULL-CGI - Portfolio-Work 2012

FULL-CGI portfolio work.

AXOR - Organic - 2012

Robert Wunsch - Blonde Magazine

cgi  .  Sanello - Holger Pooten


Heiko Richard - FRÄULEIN - Magazin

Ralph Mecke - ACHTUNG - Magazine - 22-2011

cgi  .  VW - Unbelievable - campaign - CGI - 2012

Hypnosis - series

I LOVE YOU - Magazine - Twin Peaks

cgi  .  Lexus ES - launch campaign - CGI - 2012


S-Bahn - campaign - 2012

Mercedes-Benz - Airmatic - campaign - 2012

cgi  .  Lexus RX - CGI - Range 2012


Tino Pohlmann - Exhibition "Captured" - 2012

CAPTURED exhibition at recomBERLIN. CAPTURED is a photographic summary of how Tino Pohlmann perceived 10 years of Tour de France: as ...

cgi  .  Watches of Switzerland 2012

Photographed watches in a CGI material world.

MEY - campaign 2012 "Me, MYself aND MeY"

cgi  .  Lexus LX - CGI - Visualizer - 2012

Highres images in 5 angles for web visualizer with all variants and colors.

Eclectic Decorateur - art deco - 2012

cgi  .  Clemens Ascher - GOLD - CGI-Portfolio

Mercedes-Benz - Sprinter campaign - 2012

ME.STYLE - Spring Summer 2012

Highsnobiety - Magazin - Editorial - 5-2012 - Philip Bruederle

Highsnobiety - Magazin - editorial - 5-2012 - Pharrell Williams

Allianz Global Image Campaign - 2012


Mercedes-Benz - Atego - Firetruck

cgi  .  TOYOTA - Landcruiser - D-Broschure - CGI


Ralph Mecke - TUSH - 2 Editorials

Rothschild 2012

cgi  .  Manu Agah - CGI-Portfolio

L-Bank annual report

Impact campaign 2012

Schoen Magazine - Olympia editorial 2012

HAPAG LLOYD campaign 2012

cgi  .  Orange campaign 2012

 Visual with CGI buildings and grass fort he ORANGE campaign.

BEEF Magazine - Editiorial

VIANO - Diamond - campaign - 2012

GE - campaign - 2012

cgi  .  Lexus RX - FULL-CGI



cgi  .  VW - Touareg - Area View - Full-CGI

This FULL-CGI image was awarded at the ADC 2012.

Hempel Portfolio 2012

Callaway - image campaign

Post "on location" in Las Vegas.

Tristan & Isolde - Editiorial

cgi  .  Bishi - CGI - 2012

Virutal set building and light rays by recomCGI.

Hornbach campaign 2012

cgi  .  Mercedes - VIANO - FULL-CGI

CGI cars and final Post by recom.

cgi  .  FORD - QR code campaign - CGI

recomCGI and Christan Schmdit visualized the function of the electronic "helpers" like parking system, lane assist, distance control and ...

BER - Berliner Flughafen campaign 2012

Campaign "BER" for opening of the airport Berlin Brandburg Willy Brandt. Post by recom.

cgi  .  Hansgrohe - Classic - FULL-CGI


cgi  .  Hansgrohe - Avantgarde - FULL-CGI


Porsche - Boxster - Studio

recomPOST worked on more than 100 Studio-Shots.

cgi  .  AUDI-Magazine - editorial - 4-2011 - CGI




cgi  .  Lexus GS - USA - Web-Configurator - CGI

recomCGI reproduced one of Olaf Hauschulz location shots and generated 5 angles with 3 car variants incl. different rims and color shift ...

Ralph Mecke - ACHTUNG - Magazine - 21-2011

Postproduction of the current Ralph Mecke editorial at the ACHTUNG Mag.

cgi  .  PORSCHE - Range-Shot - CGI

CGI range shot of the current porsche product range.

Mexico tourism campaign 2012

cgi  .  UHU - CGI - campaign 2012

CGI on photographed figures for hands-up-positions.

cgi  .  Lexus GS - USA - CGI


cgi  .  BIC - FULL-CGI - campaign 2012


Highsnobiety - Magazine - Editorial - Robert Wunsch

Highsnobiety - Magazine - Editorial - Yves Borgwardt

cgi  .  NISSAN - QQ - AVM - CGI

Rooftop, Car and Looping in background are generated via CGI.

Philip Bruederle - Mens Health - Editorial - 2012

cgi  .  Mercedes-Benz - ACTROS calendar - 2012

CGI trucks and postproduction for the 2012 ACTROS calendar.

AMG calendar 2012 "45 years of driving performance"

All background images are exported out of the current playstation game "grad turismo 5". recom integrated the real by Heiko Simayer phot ...

STIHL calendar 2012

Greyhound calendar 2012

AUDI motorsport calendar 2012

Post for the AUDI motorsport calender 2012.

breun&grega - Porftolio


MLP - campaign 2012

cgi  .  Acura USA - CGI - 2012


Boy Behnke - Jonathan Meese - Editorial - Bullet

NIKE - catch the flash - campaign - 2011

Tino Pohlmann - Ergon New York - Editorial

cgi  .  NISSAN - QQ - tunnel campaign - CGI - 2011


Tausend / Berlinetta 2011

cgi  .  GASAG - polar bear testimonial - campaign

FULL-CGI polar bear with a human touch as a testimonial for the GASAG campaign.

Mastercard - campaign - 2011


Hear the World - Philipp Rathmer - Exhibition 2011

Postproduction für Ausstellungsprints. Prints von recomART.

Rothschild 2011




Ralph Mecke - ACHTUNG - Magazine - 20-2011

Techno was born in Berlin. And so was Nadja Auermann, the city’s most famous blond beauty and Helmut’s most Newtonesque face and fig ...

EnBW - City - 2011


Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster


cgi  .  Anke Luckmann - CGI-Portfolio


cgi  .  TOYOTA - Yaris - Exterior + Interior- CGI - 2011

CGI Exterior and Interior shots for the latest Yaris campaign.

cgi  .  HANSGROHE_FULL-CGI - kitchens - 2011

FULL-CGI kitchens (incl. water, dishes, fruits, etc made in CGI, too) for Hansgrohe.

Transparency International - campaign - 2011

Endre Dulic - Portfolio 2011

Portfolio Work.

Zeitmagazin - Editorial - Ackermann

WELEDA international

cgi  .  NISSAN USA - Rogue - CGI

Exteriors and Interiors via CGI for the NISSAN ROGUE.

FORD - KUGA - campaign 2011

cgi  .  Eberspaecher - auxiliary heating - CGI

Snow and Ice FX by recomCGI.

GQ Style - Editorial - 09-2011

Post for GQ Style Title and Editiorial.

TUSH - Punk - 09-2011

Postproduction for a TUSH editorial.

TUSH - Swarovski - 09-2011

Postproduction for a TUSH editorial.

cgi  .  TOYOTA - Prius Family campaign - 2011

For the current Prius family campaign "Toyota Prius Goes Plural" recom generated the cars and little technique gadgets via CGI. Thorsten ...

MMX 2011

cgi  .  L-Bank - annual report

FULL-CGI-Visuals and pure Post for the L-Bank annual report.

cgi  .  Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG - FULL-CGI

FULL-CGI images from the brandnew SLK55.

cgi  .  Holger Pooten - Portfolio - CGI-Glas

Bursting CGI glas and Post for Holger Pooten's current Portfolio series.

Dodge RAM - us campaign

cgi  .  L-Bank - FULL-CGI engine

recomCGI developed a FULL-CGI engine for L-Bank.

LEICA - cozy up! - exhibition @ recomBERLIN - 07-2011

Cozy up! Ein Aufruf zu mehr Behaglichkeit. Gegenwärtigen Trends folgend war dies das Leitthema der aktuellen Leica Ausstellung bei reco ...

cgi  .  FEIN - campaign - 2011

FULL-CGI locations. Motionblur by recomFLUX.



Wer6 - magazine of the fashion school Berlin - 2011


TELEKOM - campaign - 2011

Artworks for the TELEKOM - campaign.

charity project from Kiehls for "die Arche"

Post for charity project.

Ralph Mecke - OPTIMUM - Magazin - 34-2011

K+S annual report + internatonal brand communication

Artworks for the annual report and the international brand communication of K+S.

TOYOTA - Highlander - US-Kampagne 2010

125 Magazine - Editorial

Artworks for magazine editiorial.

NIKON 2011

VW - Golf Convertible + Tiguan

HEIKO RICHARD - Chet Baker - 2011

VW - Golf Convertible - Blinkk - 2011


Ralph Mecke - ACHTUNG - Magazine - 18-2011

recomPOST for Ralph Mecke's Editoral at ACHTUNG Magazine.

cgi  .  EVStenroos - rings - Full-CGI

Full-CGI work.

QUALITY - Yves Borgwardt

SONY Playstation - campaign

Artworks for the SONY Playstation campaign.

Ralph Mecke - GQ Style - 2011 - Editorial

recomPOST for GQ - Style - Editorial.

cgi  .  Marc Trautmann - CGI-Portfolio - bank robbery

Window and car by CGI.

cgi  .  HANSGROHE - Ambiente - Full-CGI - 2011

FULL-CGI bathrooms for HANSGROHE.




Wallpaper Magazine / Graduate Directory 2011

cgi  .  LEXUS CT



BMW Service


cgi  .  STIHL - defeat the forest - 2011

FULL-CGI images for STIHL.

AUDI MOTORSPORT - Calender 2011

Postproduction for the current AUDI motorsport calendar 2011. All motionblurs in the static photographes locaitons are made by recom's o ...

MEY 2011

recomPOST for the mey campaign.

Shelter - Blinkk

cgi  .  Mercedes-Benz VIANO Avantgarde - FULL-CGI

FULL-CGI images for the lates VIANO Avantgarde campaign.

cgi  .  INFINITI - M - FULL-CGI - 2010

FULL-CGI-images for TBWA / Paris and the client INFINITI.

cgi  .  Ideal Standard - International - Shower - FULL-CGI

FULL-CGI Shower for Ideal Standard International.

Markus Mueller - Portfolio - 2011

Portfolio images for Markus Mueller.

cgi  .  Porsche Black Edition - CGI - 2011

recomCGI, Uli Heckmann and Martin Spies (AD / BB&K) created brandnew b&w white images via CGI for the special black edition webs ...

Endre Dulic Zoo

BAG - health - campaign

Artworks for BAG / Switzerland.

cgi  .  BMW - XDRIVE - Family Shot - CGI

recomCGI and Christopher Thomas produced BMW CGI images "XDRIVE".

Etienne Fuchs - Clement - Portfolio - 2011


cgi  .  Endre Dulic - Portfolio 2011

CGI and Post Portfolio Work.

Mercedes-AMG - calendar 2011



cgi  .  BMC - Bikes - FULL-CGI - 2010

FULL-CGI - xray-images for the swiss BMC company.

cgi  .  INFINITI G - CGI - 2010



A total of 462 stills were selected from 900 international, high quality submissions for the Animago Award 2010, alongside a selection t ...

cgi  .  BMW GTL - Uncharted waters

Verantwortlich für die fotografischen Elemente war Simon Puschmann, der in Portugal, Spanien, Frankreich und Brasilien alle Bestandteil ...

cgi  .  Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG - FULL-CGI

FULL-CGI-Images for the current Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG by recomCGI. Perspecitves and lighting concept was found in colaboration with Ig ...

DAVID SPAETH - SWATCH True Colors 2010

cgi  .  Ideal Standard - FULL-CGI - Hotel bathroom 2010

For Ideal Standard recomCGI developed a FULL-CGI hotel bathroom.

Michael Nager - GE Capital Direkt - 2010

Artworks for the GE campaign.


Artworks for the Editorial at 10 Magazine.

Markus Mueller - Portfolio 2010


cgi  .  BLINKK - FORD - CGI

Locations and Xray looks are made in CGI.


JEAN-CLAUDE WINKLER - Scorpians Stuttgart

Together with Jean- Claude and Noel Heidelberg we created a campagne for the german footbal finals, featuring the Stuttgarter Scorpians.



cgi  .  NISSAN_Xtrail_CGI - Image campaign

RECOM produced the Car, the Robots and some specialFX fort the water via CGI for the NISSAN Xtrail campaign.

TOYOTA - hybrid campaign - change perspective

Für die heutige STERN-Ausgabe 09-2010 wurde alle Anzeigen im gesamten Heft von TOYOTA gebucht. recomPOST produzeirte für diese Ausgabe ...






Mercedes-Benz Actros 2010

Postproduction for motifs of the latest Actros.

ZEIT-Magazine - No 34 - 08-2010

RECOM did the postproduction for the title story of the Zeit-Magazin. 14 portraits of 18 year old people, shot by Anatol Kotte.


Prelaunch brochure of the completely re-designed Infiniti QX

Guardian Weekend

Post project with the photographer Franck Allais.


Prelaunch brochure of the completely re-designed Infiniti QX

cgi  .  RICH & ROYAL - Autumn/Winter Collection



cgi  .  LEXUS HS - CGI - 2010


LEXUS LX - 2010

cgi  .  FENISTIL - Beauty + CGI-insects

recomCGI produced cgi insect as jewelry for the FENISTIL campaign.






Markus Mueller Portfolio Sports

O2 Image Campaign

cgi  .  Bionade - Fragen kann man ja mal.

Für die aktuelle BIONADE-Kampagne "Fragen" erstellte das Team um recomCGI und recomPOST in mühevoller Klein- und Feinarbeit insgesamt ...

zweimalig Toyland

cgi  .  Heiko Simayer - CGI-Porftolio


cgi  .  WELONDA - CGI - 2009

cgi  .  VRED COMPETITION 04-2010


Holger Pooten - Fire - Editorial for 125 Magazine

Editorial production for the 125 magazine





Postproduction for all avertisements


cgi  .  MERCEDES-BENZ - Magazine 01-2010 - SLS-Engine - FULL-CGI

recomCGI produced for the current Mercedes-Benz Magazine 01-2010 two FULL-CGI-engines from the brandnew SLS.

cgi  .  LEXUS GX - CGI _ 2

One CGI-Image of the current LEXUS - GX - campaign was shot by Anton Watts.

cgi  .  SLS-AMG - Book - CGI

Markus Bolsinger and recomCGI produced images for a complete chapter of the current SLS-AMG-Book. The lift is done in FULL-CGI, too.

cgi  .  BMW - Kinetic campaign 2009

recomCGI generated Chrome Balls in shape an perspective of the cars beside. The complete indoor locaiton and the light effects are made ...



BigFM - Battlestage Tapes

cgi  .  MB - Lighttrail Obstacle

ALLIANZ - St. Andrews

Michael Nager - Courier - Portfolio 2010

Portfolio work for Michael Nager.

McDonalds - Jo Kirchherr - Veggieburger 2010

recomPOST for the current McDonald's Veggieburger - campaign

cgi  .  LEXUS GX - CGI

CGI-Images for the current LEXUS GX - campaign.

Michael Nager - Sundeck - Portfolio 2010

Portfolio-Images for Michael Nager.

BMW - motor-bike - spring campaign 2010

BMW-motor-bike - campaign images get finalized by recomPOST.


Ein Supermodel hat viele Gesichter - Um der Wandlungsfähigkeit von Toni Garrn aus Hamburg gerecht zu werden hat der Stylist Markus Ebne ...



'En Mode Gainsbourg' - Model und Sängerin Irina Lazareanu interpretierte für das französische Magazin L'express Style den Look des gr ...

cgi  .  TOM NAGY - Lighttrails - CGI-Portfolio-Work

CGI-Portfolio-Lighttrails for Tom Nagy.

cgi  .  Mercedes-AMG SLS - catalogue - CGI

CGI for technique motifs for the AMG SLS.



Artworks for the Serviceplan "Recruitment" campaign

cgi  .  FULL CGI - Kitchen

Visualization of a kitchen in FULL-CGI.


Welthungerhilfe 2009

Artworks for the project "Welthungerhilfe"


Markus Mueller - Portfolio 2009



cgi  .  EUROBODEN - CGI - architecture

Architecure visualisations via CGI.

FORD Transit


Postproduction for all avertisements


Artworks for the credit suisse campaign 2009


cgi  .  BLUM - FULL-CGI - Image-motifs

recomCGI did Visualizations for the BLUM technique via FULL-CGI.


Der amerikanische Sänger, Rapper und Musikproduzent KAYNE WEST stand bei RALPH MECKE vor der Kamera für das französische Magazin LIBE ...



Carsten Kofalk - Tribute to Michael Jackson - 2009

Selfpromotion project "Tribute to Michael Jackson"








GQ 10/08 - Editorial - VINZENZ KIEFER

 Editorial-Artworks with Vinzenz Kiefer


TESAPACK - campaign (silber Cannes 2008)

Campaign for TESA. Silber medal in Cannes 2008.


 Artwork for the  CLAIROL PROFESSIONAL Haircare - campaign image



FELD HOMMES - Editorial



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