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For the new special edition iBeetle, which comes equipped with an iPhone interface and its own app, the car was created in CGI for the very first time. In an effort to keep the production costs down existing backplates from the current Beetle campaign (shot by Nick Meek) were used. After reconstructing the background images we rendered the cars into position and created an entirely new look for the campaign.

Client: VW
Agency: DDB
Photographer: Nick Meek
Art Director: Christoph Stender
Creative Director: Tomas Tulinius
Post-Artist: recomPOST - TEAM
CGI-Artist: recomCGI - Team

cgi  .  recomCGI_VW_NickMeek_iBeetle_02

cgi  .  recomCGI_VW_NickMeek_iBeetle_03




cgi  .  recomCGI_VW_NickMeek_iBeetle_04

cgi  .  recomCGI_VW_NickMeek_iBeetle_rim

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