Mercedes-F1 - winner campaign "WON more time" - 2015

cgi  .  Mercedes_F1_WON_team

The Mercedes F1 team did it again and won the construction engineer title. Congrats!
Attached you can find our cgi winner visual we did with Jan Steinhilber. By the way, this was our very first job with the new Mercedes agency - we say: welcome antoni!

Client: Mercedes Benz
Agency: antoni
Photographer: Jan Steinhilber
Art Director: Mathias Wilke
Creative Director: Marcell Francke
Post-Artist: Jonas Braukmann
CGI-Artist: Ivo Stanev

cgi  .  Mercedes_F1_WON_team_closeUp01

cgi  .  Mercedes_F1_WON_team_closeUp02

cgi  .  Mercedes_F1_WON_team_fullframe

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