SKIN - Beauty-Film

Film  .  SKIN - Beauty-Film

 A film by Philip Bruederle and Pete Schilling. Color Correction by RECOMFILM.

The human skin is a fascinating and manifold organ. With sensitive pictures, Pete and Philip combines with the film function and aesthetics. SKIN happend while a calendar shoot, which shows skin features in 12 images.

Directors: Pete Schilling & Philip Bruederle 
DOP & Editor: Pete Schilling 
Production: Motion Media Films 
Color Correction: Andreas Justus Burz / RECOMFILM 
Hair and Make-Up: Tina Schmoll 
Models: Fei, Richard & Jasmin, Boris & Hanna & Rita, Isabella, Tilda, Meike 
SpecialThx to LTS Lohmann, Leica Camera, Loft am Hafen, Katja Frerk, Niklas Hill and Jonas Janssen

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