AUDI - Quattro - Snow-Spiral - FULL-CGI - campaign

cgi  .  AUDI_Quattro_Snow-Spiral_Group-Shot

This is the biggest out of home campaign Hamburg agendy Kolle Rebe has ever produced and it was also our most complex CGI production ever.
For Audi we created a FULL-CGI winter landscape spiralling within itself: road, trees, rocks, snow, clouds and sky all curl around into a perspective that would have been impossible to photograph. In these scenes the cars, also created in CGI, are speeding on a snowy road next to ski runs with real competing athletes (the very only real photographed elements).
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Client: AUDI AG
Agency: Kolle Rebbe
Creative Director: Jörg Dittmann
CGI-Director: Christoph Bolten
Post-Artist: Christian Schemer
Post-Artist: Jonas Braukmann
Post-Artist: Kate Brown
Post-Artist: Pepe Alram
CGI-Artist: Ivo Stanev
CGI-Artist: Richard Jenkinson
AD: Benjamin Allwardt, Marcus Kubicke
CGI Director: Jonas Braukmann

cgi  .  AUDI_Quattro_Snow-Spiral_Alpin_RS6

cgi  .  AUDI_Quattro_Snow-Spiral_Freeride_Q7

cgi  .  AUDI_Quattro_Snow-Spiral_Alpin_RS6_billboard

cgi  .  AUDI - Quattro - Snow-Spiral - 20k pure

cgi  .  AUDI_Quattro_Snow-Spiral_Long_A4

cgi  .  AUDI_Quattro_Snow-Spiral_jump_A4

cgi  .  AUDI_Quattro_Snow-Spiral_Cross_Q7

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