AUDI - A5 / S5 - Campaign - 2016

cgi  .  AUDI_A5_Coupe_Pixel_05

We generated all cars and the cool pixel effect for the brandnew AUDI A5 and S5 campaign.

Client: AUDI AG
Agency: Kolle Rebbe
Photographer: Markus Wendler
Art Director: Marcus Kubicke
Creative Director: Jörg Dittmann
Post-Artist: Jonas Braukmann
Post-Artist: Jonathan Clarke
Post-Artist: June Lee
CGI-Artist: Eugen Albrandt
CGI-Artist: Richard Jenkinson
CGI Director: Jonas Braukmann
AB: Kathrin Grün

cgi  .  AUDI_A5_Coupe_Pixel_02

cgi  .  AUDI_A5_Coupe_Pixel_07

cgi  .  AUDI_A5_Coupe_Pixel_04

cgi  .  AUDI_A5_Coupe_Pixel_06

cgi  .  AUDI_A5_Coupe_Pixel_01

cgi  .  AUDI_A5_Coupe_Pixel_08

cgi  .  AUDI_A5_Coupe_Pixel_03

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