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For the brandnew designed AUDI Magazine we produced CGI visuals together with the agency LOVED with AUDI's full autonome concept vehicle "AICON".

Client: AUDI AG
Agency: loved GmbH
Creative Director: Rouven Steinke
CGI-Director: Thorsten Jasper Weese
Post-Artist: Christian Schemer
CGI-Artist: Ivo Stanev
Big thx for the Backplates from Julia Pommerenke + Victor Jon Goico + Rouven Steinke

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cgi  .  AUDI_AICON_Downtown

cgi  .  AUDI_AICON_UpDowntown

cgi  .  AUDI_AICON_Downtown_a

cgi  .  AUDI_AICON_Downtown_b

cgi  .  AUDI_AICON_Top

cgi  .  AUDI_AICON_Nature

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