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cgi  .  recomCGI_LEXUS-GS1041_01_3-4_front

recomCGI reproduced one of Olaf Hauschulz location shots and generated 5 angles with 3 car variants incl. different rims and color shifts for the current Lexus GS web configuration.

...Click this link to original configurator...

Client: Lexus
Agency: Team One
Photographer: Olaf Hauschulz
Art Director: Kevin Mitchell
CGI-Director: Thorsten Jasper Weese
Post-Artist: Christian Schemer
Post-Artist: Jonas Braukmann
CGI-Artist: recomCGI - Team

cgi  .  recomCGI_LEXUS-GS1041_02_front

cgi  .  recomCGI_LEXUS-GS1041_03_side

cgi  .  recomCGI_LEXUS-GS1041_04_3-4_rear

cgi  .  recomCGI_LEXUS-GS1041_05_7-8_front

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